You Must Keep Powering Through

"Move your body in every way, explore your potential and find abilities within you to conquer all. You must keep powering through is for every moment of your life."

— YMK, Yousif Mahdi Kampoori —


Are you based in Surrey or nearby? Improve your Football skills with our football training.


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I remember the anticipation and excitement of training and playing matches. It's a one of a kind feeling! So I completely understand the passion behind every player whether it's at the top level or grassroots.


This is your chance to train with a trainer that is extremely passionate in helping you become better physically and mentally. You will increase your confidence, have a smarter training mindset and improve your general health and wellbeing.

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Yousif has been a true inspiration to my 11 year old son who is passionate about soccer. Not only do they train on all the different soccer techniques, but Yousif also gives him so much confidence to believe in himself, which gives him wings to play on the pitch.

Sofie Delcour

I had never previously been interested in training with a PT, but Yousif is nothing like your average PT. His knowledge of how the body works is exceptional, and he is so creative at pushing your comfort zones, targeting your weaknesses and building your strengths, all in a fun way that keeps you engaged. Yousif always priroitises safe and correct form, and has absolutely no time for ego lifting (something I can't say for most PTs I've seen train). He takes the time to understand your goals and is genuinely invested in helping you achieve them. He is always happy to answer questions and offer advice outside of the sessions, encouraging you and helping you stay motivated. I have always wanted to learn to do a muscle up and I have made more progress in the last five sessions

with Yousif than I have in the last year training on my own. If you are bored of your current training, want to learn a new skill, or just

want to get your body moving better for years to come, I would absolutely recommend Yousif!

Gabriella Laker

Yousif has been an amazing trainer for my 12 yr son! My son’s football skills have improved but more importantly his confidence has also grown thanks to Yousif’s kindness & enthusiasm. My son said he enjoys his sessions with Yousif because “he always keeps us busy with different activities, he helps me to never give up, and he’s funny.

Simone Disborough

I have had the pleasure of being trained by Yousif for just over 3 years now, and in that time Yousif has not only improved my physical strength, but has believed in me and installed confidence to which pushed me to achieve things I never thought possible! The reason I feel this, is because Yousif is a true professional that, not only has a deep knowledge of how the body works. But utilises this in all moves he gets you to perform. Every session is never the same, always something new and challenging, but above, he makes it fun and enjoyable. Yousif is very passionate about what he does and this shows in his attitude to which is caring, patient and very understanding as a person who always has a smile and is happy to help you. I would highly recommend him!

Ian Atcherley

My son is a Academy footballer and has been working with Yousif over the summer. Aswell as keeping him fit and sharp technically, Yousif has helped him with a number of things including Running technique, Agility movement and the importance of core strength stability. My son particularly enjoys the technology which Yousif uses in the drills. Having worked with all of the areas best 1-2-1 football coaches, I can confirm Yousif is right up there!

Stefan Russel